What is Begin Choose Ruby

We want Being Choose Ruby to teach people Ruby and Ruby on Rails with a focus on providing content that focuses on building small projects.

We plan to write a series of blog posts or articles (maybe guides) that will help you (the reader) go through a project from start to finish, including deployment.

What is the goal?

To get you to start building your own things. These things could be web apps or anything that can help you do your job or achieve your tasks faster or better.

Apart from making a web app, you should start thinking about how to automate your things. This is an important mindset that we will embed in this project: to create the habit of thinking about how to automate tasks.

If I can write code that makes the computer do something for me.

What kind of projects

We plan to pick projects that are small enough to go through them quickly but also big enough to go through various programming techniques.

The projects will have central theme features that a creator/indie hacker might need for their idea or to automate tasks that they need to make their idea happen.

Why start with Ruby?

Ruby is a good fit to learn programming as a general language. And when thinking about making ideas happen it allows (through various web frameworks or integrations) to rapidly iterate.